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Restaurant Week Returns to 14K

January 12, 2011

Restaurant Week is coming back to Washington, DC on January 17 – 23 which means specially priced 3 course menus for lunch and dinner at 14K Restaurant.

Chef Spencer Wolff has been working on creating the special menus for Restaurant Week and we caught up with him to chat about the process.

What’s different about Restaurant Week Menus?

First you look at the time of year, because you always want to consider what’s seasonal. Then you look at what you did before, so you’re not duplicating previous menus. And you want to be sure it’s interesting. In some respects, it’s promotional, because Restaurant Week is an opportunity to attract new people to the restaurant. At the same time, you don’t want to be overly complicated – we have a broad demographic and we have to meet in the middle. Especially at lunch where we have a largely business crowd and people have less time to sit – there’s a definite focus on getting back to the office.

Who does Restaurant Week appeal to?

There are several different audiences – those who are looking for a low cost meal out and the Washington foodie crowd who schedule their week and will visit 5 or 6 different restaurants to see what everyone is doing without having to break the bank to do it.

How does Restaurant Week appeal to you as a chef?

Most chefs are cooking off the menu, so it’s a nice opportunity to play a little big. It stimulates you from a creative side to do something new. It stimulates your staff and your diner. And it offers your regulars the opportunity to see something new and experience your creative enthusiasm.

What’s your creative process?

Any time you’re creating a menu, first you have to look at your parameters – budget, seasonal availability, number of courses, level of difficulty. Then you consider your flavor pairings. I have a specific palate that I work with – Mid-Atlantic with French and Asian influence. It’s like a beat and you start with one and then draw in different rhythms and start to work it together. Sometimes you have to cut out something that’s really nice on it’s own because it doesn’t work with everything else. And  it should always be building so that you get done and it peaks.

What should diners be looking forward to at 14K?

Once Restaurant Week is over, we’ll be continuing with a weekly series of fixed price seasonal menus running through February. And of course, we have our Valentine’s Day dinner coming up that’s a very romantic meal.

Restaurant Week Details

Lunch: $20.11 for a three-course fixed-price meal

Dinner: $35.11 for a three-course fixed-price meal

Beverages, gratuity and tax are not included.

Reserve a table at 14K for Restaurant Week.


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