Follow the Lost Symbol


If you’re reading Dan Brown’s latest thriller Lost Symbol, you’re probably curious to trace Harvard Professor’s Robert Langdon’s route through Washington, DC.  Many of the locations in the book are easily reached from the Hamilton Crowne Plaza (and one is just steps away).

You can visit the new US Capitol Visitor’s Center, Statuary Hall and the Rotunda by taking the Metro. Explore the grandeur of the Library of Congress Reading Room. (Note: The Library of Congress stacks are closed to the general public.) There are free daily guided tours of the Library explaining the art & architecture and the highlights of the collection.   (Metro: Capitol South)

See the treasures housed at the Smithsonian Museums. Be sure to stop at the Castle first for a map and a tour. Don’t forget to stop and get your timed tickets for a trip to the top of the Washington Monument. (Metro: Smithsonian)

Visit Freedom Plaza and see the Washington DC street plan (Metro: Federal Triangle) before you head down to Alexandria to see the George Washington National Masonic Memorial. (Metro: King Street)

Take a short walk up 16th Street to the House of the Temple (weekday tours are available 10 am – 4 pm) where you can also explore the lovely residences of Embassy Row and Kalorama.  A little farther north, you will find Washington National Cathedral. (Metro: Tenleytown)  Check the calendar for tour times including the gargoyle tour.

Walk the four blocks to the White House, explore Franklin Square and see the Almas Shriner’s Temple next door to us.

Then when you’re done sightseeing and codebreaking, enjoy a drink and a snack on the patio of 14K where you can monitor all the action in the city at night.


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