Bring your furry (or even feathered) friends along


Did you know that 63% of American households own a pet? That’s 88.3 million cats, 74.8 million dogs, 16 million birds, 148 million fish, and 29 million small animals and reptiles (statistics are thanks to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association). That adds up to 356.1 million pets!

In their recent survey 19% of dog owners indicated that they prefer to take their pets along when traveling. And sometimes it’s just a part of life – when you’re moving, for instance. And if my research is any indication, pet friendly hotels can be hard to come by or they charge fees and non-refundable deposits. (Isn’t that a fee?)

We like our pets too, so the Hamilton Crowne Plaza in Washington DC is a pet friendly hotel. We happily welcome pets up to 50 lbs. and the only fee you’ll find is a refundable deposit of $250 – no nightly fee. And we have a great park for playing and walks right across the street.

The only thing is the 4% of American households that own horses are out of luck – but if you call us in advance, we’ll see what we can do about rustling up some space at a local stable.


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