Help us celebrate Earth Day – April 19, 2009


Washington, DC is a wonderful place to celebrate Earth Day whether you’ll be taking part in the events on the Mall or want to help with the cleanup at the National Zoo.  The Zoo will also be collecting cell phones and rechargeable batteries that you don’t use anymore so they don’t end up in landfills.

Over the past year at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza, we’ve taken several steps to make our staff and guests more environmentally aware and reduce our energy usage.

Let there be light

Since our hallway lights have to be on all the time, we’ve replaced those with more energy efficient bulbs. This helps in several ways:

  • The new bulbs take less energy to light the hallways,
  • They emit less heat, meaning there’s less impact on the environmental systems,
  • And since the new bulbs last longer, they have to be changed less frequently which means less waste in landfills.

Water, water everywhere

Because of all the towels, sheets, napkins, and linens used in hotel rooms, room service, etc., the average hotel uses about 150 gallons of water (and usually hot water) per room per day. To help reduce that, we’ve instituted a linen re-use program for guests who would prefer that we not change their sheets or replace clean towels every day.

Waste not!

In our restaurants and offices we’ve instituted a recycling program for paper, glass and cans. If you’re hosting a meeting at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza and would like us to provide paper recycling containers for meeting materials, we are happy to do so.

We’re not done

We’re always evaluating what we can do to make our hotel more green. Right now we’re looking at our appliances, fixtures, HVAC systems and evaluating what we can do to be more energy efficient. If you see anything that will help, leave us a comment here or on a comment card at the hotel.


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